Anita Carter, Abbot of the Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia receiving a commemorative gift from Mr Somlak Hirunburana, Vice Rector of Administrative Affairs of the World Buddhist University and Associate Professor Dr. Tavitat Puntarigvivat, Director of the Institute of Research and Development of the World Buddhist University on the occasion of Dialogue with Buddhist Fellows and Scholars at the Ferntree Gully Community Arts Centre and Library, Victoria, Australia hosted by the Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia on Sunday the 8th of December, 2013

World Buddhist University

The World Buddhist University is located in Bangkok, Thailand and is part of the World Fellowship of Buddhists organisation. The world Buddhist University (WBU) was established by a resolution of the World Fellowship of Buddhists General Conference held during 1998, in New South Wales, Australia.
The World Buddhist University has a similar role to that of the United Nations University. It has, in its organization and administrative structure, five Institutes consisting of:

  • The Institute of Research and Development.
  • The Institute of Training and Curriculum Development.
  • The Institute of Spiritual Practice and.
  • The Institute of Educational System Based on Buddhism.

The four institutes associate with existing universities and their relevant departments, Buddhist Training Institutes, Buddhist associations, and the like. All these elements interact in a networking manner. The World Buddhist University operates in many different countries and serves as an international community of Buddhist scholars engaged in research, post-graduate training, spiritual practice, and Buddhist studies, through the academic networking systems of the University.


The main objective of the university is to conduct advanced Buddhist studies and to co-ordinate with the Buddhist Universities and other academic institutions which offer studies of Buddhism and related subjects all over the world in the fields of research, training, spiritual practice and education based on Buddhism.


The main purposes of the university are as follows:

  1. To serve as a Coordinating Centre to exchange academic works, research and development and related information at local, regional and international levels.
  2. To develop and promote the science of Buddhist education to be more universally accessible.
  3. To offer alternatives for educational system aiming to perfect development of human being and society together with creation of a civilized world in accordance with the law of nature.
  4. To involve Buddhism in solving regional and global issues.
  5. To provide and facilitate Buddhist academic services to the World Fellowship of Buddhist, its members and organizations working for the same ends.

The Buddhist Discussion Centre(Upwey) Ltd was granted a charter as Associated Institution of the World Buddhist University in the capacity of a Spiritual Training Centre on the 2nd of February 2002.

To visit the World Buddhist University web site please follow the link below:
World Buddhist University

Anita Carter (third from left), Abbot of The Buddhist Discussion Centre Australia, at the Outstanding Women in Buddhism Awards Ceremony in Bangkok Thailand on the 4th of March 2011 organised by the World Buddhist University where she was a joint recipient of the Outstanding Woman in Buddhism Award as chosen by international committee of scholars and Buddhist monastics.