The Dhamma Teaching Platform at Jetavana Park Savatthi, India from where the Buddha Taught His Assembly.

Buddha Dhamma Teaching Program

Practical guidance and instructions on how to apply the Buddha’s Teachings in our everyday lives. Buddha Dhamma Teachings and Meditation from the main schools of Buddhism; Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana and Chan (Zen) guided by visiting or resident Dhamma Teachers.

Our Schedule 2023


Weekly Saturday Dhamma Class

Saturday evening Buddhist Teaching and Meditation class from 8.00pm to 10.00pm guided by a Buddhist Monk or Nun or resident lay teachers.

Classes are free of charge.


Weeknight Guided Meditation on Zoom

Meditation class led by senior students on Zoom, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday, from 8:00pm until 8:30pm. Join us for a 30 minute Dhamma practice session including basic Buddhist Chanting followed by a mindfulness and metta (loving kindness) meditation.

Meeting ID: 6689749216
Password: BDCU

Classes are free of charge.



Introduction to Buddhism Course

Our Introduction to Buddhism Course is provided to give a brief introduction to Buddhist teachings and practice which can help us find meaning in life and support our inner peace, wellbeing and happiness in a friendly and welcoming environment.

We explain how to develop some very practical life skills which have many proven benefits to help us live our daily lives.

The classes are conducted at our centre located at 33 Brooking Street, Upwey, Vic, 3158 on Saturday afternoons from 2.00pm to 4.00pm, the first course beginning on the 4th of March 2023. The course is also available online, Tuesdays at 8:00pm on Zoom. The first online course begins on the 18th April thru to 6th of June, 2023.

See more dates below.

The course is free of charge and is based on the book “Bringing Wisdom to Life”. All participants will be given a copy of this book which we will use during the course.

You can view a short video about the course by clicking here.

Feel free to email us at if you have any questions or to register for the course.

Introduction to Buddhism Course – Online

“Bringing Wisdom To Life” – Tuesday 8.00pm – 23rd May to 27th of June on Zoom
“Bringing Wisdom To Life” – Thursday 8.00pm – 25th May to 29th of June on Zoom
“Bringing Wisdom To Life” – Tuesday 8.00pm – 12th September to 31st of October on Zoom
“Bringing Wisdom To Life” – Thursday 8.00pm – 14th September to 2nd of November on Zoom

Introduction to Buddhism Course – Onsite

“Bringing Wisdom To Life” – Saturday 2.00pm – starting 4th of March 2023
“Bringing Wisdom To Life” – Saturday 2.00pm – 22nd April to 3rd of June (excluding 13th May)
“Bringing Wisdom To Life” – Saturday 2.00pm – 1st July to 5th of August
“Bringing Wisdom To Life” – Sunday 2.00pm – 10th September to 22nd of October
“Bringing Wisdom To Life” – Sunday 2.30pm – 8th October 2023 to 12th November 2023


Retreat Courses

Labour Day Long weekend – 11th to 13th of March
Autumn Easter Course – 7th to 10th of April
Winter June Course – 10th to 12th of June
Spring September Course – 29th to 30th of September
Summer Christmas Course – 27th to 31st December


Children’s Classes in Buddhism

Classes in Buddhism for children of various ages accompanied by at least one of their parents.

Classes will be led by professional school teachers who are Members of our centre holding a current Working with Children Check. These classes result from requests from parents wishing to find a place for their children to learn attitudes and behaviours based on Buddhist Teachings.

For further information please email

Class Dates

Sundays 1.30pm to 2.30pm

Term 1: 5th, 12th, 19th March 2023
Term 2: 11th, 18th, 25th June 2023
Term 3: 20th and 27th August, 3rd September 2023


Chan Painting Classes 2023

Class Dates
TBA – Second half of the year


The Buddhist Hour Radio Program

3MDR Radio Station 97.1 FM

Sunday 4pm to 5pm each week.



Surangama – Saturday 18th February
Manjusri – Saturday 11th of March
Medicine Buddha – Friday 7th of April
Sakyamuni Buddha – Saturday 6th of May
Medicine Buddha – Saturday 10th of June
Dragon King – Saturday 8th of July
Sukhavati – Saturday 5th of August
Green Tara – Saturday 29th of September
Vajrasattva – Saturday the 21st of October
Padmasambhava – Saturday the 11th of November
Medicine Buddha – Saturday the 27th of December

Padmasambhava TSOK

  • Tuesday, 31st January
  • Wednesday, 1st March
  • Friday, 31st March
  • Sunday, 30th April
  • Tuesday, 30th May
  • Wednesday, 28th June
  • Friday, 28th July
  • Saturday, 26th August
  • Sunday, 24th September
  • Tuesday, 24th October
  • Wednesday, 22nd November
  • Friday, 22nd December

BDC Vesak Commemoration

Saturday the 6th of May

UN Day of Vesak Commemoration

Saturday the 13th of May